I’ve always taken some issue with geek merch, mostly because I usually find it really lazy. Like, that’s cool, take a logo and put it on a shirt, but I rarely wear printed tees and prefer to wear hoodies during the weekend, so I never feel comfortable wearing geekwear. Plus, I always wonder whether merch designers take a design for a men’s shirt and stick it on a women’s shirt with little concern for how it could look on multiple body types.

I can’t speak as much to the latter issue (full disclosure: I’m wearing a small), but I’ve got to tell you, the N7 ANGL Hoodie DEFINITELY addresses my concerns about style.

The design is sleek. I love the asymmetrical zipper and the cool layering that you can accomplish as a result! That’s the sort of look I play around with in many of my jackets, so getting that level of versatility while getting to be Commander Shepard is … pretty badass, I won’t lie. The style definitely doesn’t look as flattering open, but there still seems to be something cool and intentional about it? I can’t explain it, though my preference is definitely towards wearing it slightly open, as seen in the top image. I feel like I don’t look like I’m just wearing a baggy hoodie, but instead something that’s fitted without being tight—as I said before, I’m skinny, so YMMV for how it actually suits your body type.

I rarely wear the hood part of hoodies (which would make me an awful assassin, but that’s a different franchise), but the draping at the neckline definitely makes the look more interesting than your average hoodie. If you wear the hood down, it drapes really nicely over the shoulders, kind of like an oversized collar. Me gusta!

The craftsmanship is also really nice! The N7 patch is embroidered and the stripes are stitched down, so no worries about it fading away over time/ after multiple washes. The fabric isn’t super soft on the inside, but it’s still very comfortable to wear. The overlapping sections and hood are also thicker than the rest of the hoodie, but I wasn’t too chilly taking photos in cold weather. (Beth was wearing some kind of parka while taking the pics, for reference)

I also think my Shepard Shuffle looks significantly more stylish in this hoodie, A+ would wear and dance again.

It’s not cheap at $58, but if you’re like me and want to dress up your geek style, here’s a link. I’m very happy to be wearing it at work today—and on that subject, I should go. The semi-casual tech industry corporate world awaits Commander Allegra Shepard!

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    Definitely bought this hoodie, can’t wait for it to ship.
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    This looks like a hoodie I might actually wear.
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